Schengen visa

Schengen visa waiver to allow Peruvians travel European territory freely

(Andina)  The signing of an agreement by Peru and the European Union, aimed at waiving the Schengen visa requirement for Peruvian citizens, will enable nationals to travel freely to 24 countries of the said bloc, the Peruvian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Julio Martinetti estimated.

The corresponding signing ceremony, held in Brussels on Wednesday with the presence of Peru’s President Ollanta Humala, represents a significant advance in the integration process, which has also been joined by Colombia, Martinetti affirmed.

When the agreement enters into force, the Peruvian citizens will “no longer” need other than their passports to be allowed to travel to the Schengen area, he noted.

“By December the biometric passports will be ready; those are a requirement for this mechanism [to be implemented],” he told the media while attending a Congress session.

The document will replace the current ordinary passport because it contains digital information on each passport holder.

The implementation of the said document is one of the requirements for the visa waiver to enter into force.