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A Photo Exhibit: Hoofprints in the Sand



Hoofprints in the Sand:

The Peruvian Paso Horse


Our horse first began in the times of the Celtiberian Hispania
through Mudéjar Spain and consolidated with the discovery of
America. Its origin brings back and forges the ways of the Peruvian
Horse, the national bridle, and handcrafts which adorn and dress the Peruvian Horse.

A Little over 500 years ago, Peruvian received from Spain a common horse and today we give the world a horse with unique features; a piece of art made by Peruvian people into an equestrian jewel among riding horses.

The difference achieved by Peruvians between a horse for leisure
and a horse for sports contributes mainly to yield a breed capable of meeting the requirements of the riding horse we proudly parade in contests and promenades. Their efficiency in fieldwork inspired over time the spirit of our horses.

The identity of our horses rests in the dynamics of their unique

Our horses carry in their veins, their eyes, and their muscle structure the winds of freedom.

It has the brio and beauty of freedom. The plasticity of its movements and natural demeanor make him incapable of abandoning us when we most need his determination and courage.

Sometimes moving the back leg while the front leg on the same side is on the ground, disassociating movement and support with natural harmony accompanying the unbridled unique movement admired by all.

“Manes and bright eyes looking into an endless horizon. Cracking
the horizon and making shadows of riders and horses reflected by
the light of dusk and never-ending waves”.

We deliver riders performance, leather and silver handicrafts, and the horse as a contribution to our national identity.

We have bred for all, Peru´s silent ambassador: The Peruvian Paso Horse

Mariano Cabrera Ganoza

Sandra Cannock Graña

Sandra Cannock Graña

Sandra Cannock Graña

Sandra Connock Graña, was born in Lima and has always had a great perception of her surroundings. She has participated in many photography courses and workshops. In 2013, Cannock Graña created the photography exhibit “Entre huellas y arenas” which garnered great success in the states where it was displayed, as well as in Peru where it was renamed “La Logica.” In 2014, she created the “El Detalle de la Mirada” exhibit. Today, she dedicates herself to photography and interior design.

Alejandra Iturrizaga Andrich

Alejandra Iturrizaga Andrich

Alejandra Iturrizaga Andrich

Alejandra Iturrizaga Andrich was born in Lima and studied architecture and photography. Ever since she was a young girl she has had a great affinity with horses which she raised in Cieneguilla. Iturrizaga Andrich has been a part of the Young Amazons since 2005 and won first place in choreography. She has also represented Peru at “Fina Estampa” in Santiago de Chile. Her passion for photography and for horses is reflected in the different scenes and emotions of her work.

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