Journalists Visas


Information regarding journalist visa requirements


Please note that, if a journalist is travelling with professional equipment, we recommend that a journalist visa should be processed with our standard procedure. Peruvian consulates around the world issue, for free, a special type of visa for journalists. This visa allows journalists to bring their professional equipment in Peruvian territory without custom payments.


- A cover letter from the media institution the journalist represents (Original and copy)

- 2 passport size photos

- Passport (Original and copy)

- Foreign Press Accreditation Form (download from this link:


If the journalist is travelling with professional equipment, please download the Temporary Entrance of Professional Equipment Form from this link:

Fill in the document with professional equipment information and hand it in to the Peruvian consulate with the other requirements.

Equipment like fly away communications systems and drones are not to be included in this form. The arrangement for the entrance of this kind of equipment must be done with the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Peru.