The Political Department of the Embassy of Peru in Washington, D.C., is in charge of executing the foreign policy goals of the Peruvian Government vis-à-vis the United States authorities.


The main political issues of mutual interest are the fight against drug trafficking, terrorism and corruption, as well as the protection and promotion of democracy and human rights. This Department also follows judicial, immigration and defense-related matters as well as social issues such as health, education, gender themes and other political and social areas in which Peru and the United States share a common interest.

This Department also evaluates the political process and developments in the United States to provide accurate information to the Peruvian authorities for a timely and adequate decision-making process. This leads to the implementation of policies in accordance with Peruvian national interests.


The Political Department maintains close ties with authorities of the U.S. administration, Congress, think-thanks and scholars as well as the different actors, individuals or institutions that are part of US civil society. All of these allow the Embassy to keep an updated and integral understanding of the political, economic and social dynamics of the United States.

This Department coordinates with the proper authorities in Peru regarding all aspects related to the political bilateral agendas of both countries.