Peru President: We support democracy and the well-being of LatAm

Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski on Friday said his meeting with United States counterpart Donald Trump addressed various subjects of common interest.

"We've had a cordial and constructive conversation where we have talked about migration […] and we talked about trade also," he indicated. 


Concerning migration affairs, Mr. Kuczynski said the meeting addressed Peruvian citizens based in the U.S., many of whom had fled the Inca nation due to past issues such as terrorism and hyperinflation dating back to the 1980's.

This situation was well-understood by President Trump, he assured.

The Peruvian leader added that, while a part of this group is composed of irregular migrants, only a minor percentage is in jail.

"Peru has not exported criminals to the U.S," he noted.


Regarding bilateral trade, the statesman referred to the 2018 Summit of the Americas that will be hosted by the Inca nation.

He affirmed the event —to be attended by Mr. Trump— will prove an "opportunity to explore other options" in terms of trade agreements with the U.S. 


On the other hand, the President referred to the humanitarian situation in Venezuela, a common concern for both Peru and the U.S.

In this sense, Mr. Kuczynski reiterated Peru "will do everything it can to guarantee democracy and the well-being of all American countries."

"What we support is democracy," he pointed out.


Lastly, as for former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo (2001-20016) —a fugitive from justice over the Odebrecht bribery case and thought to be in U.S. territory— the Head of State said the topic was only briefly mentioned. 

"It is a judicial matter we have not addressed for more than a few seconds. The Peruvian and [U.S.] Judicial Powers are in charge of that, and it will run its course," he said.

As is known, the Peruvian leader was welcomed by President Trump upon arrival at the White House, where they held a 15-minute private audience.  

The Heads of State then took part in a more extended, 25-minute meeting joined by Peruvian Foreign Affairs Minister Ricardo Luna, as well as high-ranking officials from both nations. 

Mr. Kuczynski thus became the first Latin American leader to meet with President Trump since the latter took office on January 20.