The Public Diplomacy Department of the Embassy of Peru in Washington, D.C., is responsible for the cultural promotion of Peru in the United States and the protection of the cultural heritage of the country.


The Public Diplomacy Department is responsible for the cultural promotion of Peru in the

United States and the protection of the cultural heritage of the country. It conducts

activities in accordance with the Foreign Cultural Policy Plan prepared by the Ministry of

Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture, mainly related to cultural and academic

relations, tourism promotion, heritage protection, scientific development and to straight a

cultural communication policy.

Among the most important cultural programs developed during the year include those

related to exhibits of visual and fine arts, cinema and audiovisual activities, promotion of

Peruvian authors and books, music and scenic arts, exhibition of products of Peruvian

artisans, the promotion of gastronomy and the Peruvian national drink, Pisco.

The Department keeps close ties with authorities of the Department of State and other

U.S. government and private entities, high authorities from prestigious universities,

museums, galleries and all institutions involved in encouraging artistic life to promote

Peruvian culture. It also monitors closely the cultural activities in which Peruvian cultural

expressions and artifacts are involved.

The Embassy of Peru promotes the most significant values and expressions of the

Peruvian Culture, whose diversity has a very long history. Culture is a factor of

comprehensive development that has a multiplying effect on all aspects of the country’s

foreign policy, including trade, investment, international cooperation and the reduction of

poverty. It also allows the Embassy to be in close contact with the Peruvian community

living in the United States.

The department does, among other activities, six types of programs:

  • Exhibits of visual and fine arts;

  • Cinema and audiovisual activities;

  • Promotion of Peruvian authors and books;

  • Music and scenic arts;

  • Peruvian artisans;

  • Gastronomy, including the promotion of the Peruvian national drink, Pisco.

The Public Diplomacy Department supports and coordinates cultural activities from Peruvian artists who come to Washington, D.C., for presentations and exhibitions in all artistic fields. It organizes cultural and artistic performances at the Embassy’s Art Gallery. It also assists and provides American citizens with information about Peru’s culture.